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Midnight Hour
October 07, 2014 09:08 PM PDT
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The Dub Room spins rocksteady, rockin' scorchers, ska, and early reggae and dub. Gwarn with it while the candle burns.

1 The Silvertones – Midnight Hour
2 U-Roy – Midnight Hour
3 John Holt – Ali Baba
4 Max Romeo – Wet Dream
5 Bob Marley & The Wailers – Put It On
6 Wailing Souls – Don’t Fight It
7 The Blenders – Decimal Currency
8 John Holt – My Satisfaction
9 The Melodians – It’s My Delight
10 Alton Ellis – Play It Cool
11 Jackie Brown – People Today
12 Slim Smith – The New Boss
13 The Ethiopians – Train To Skaville
14 Prince Garthe – Moody Groove
15 Phyllis Dillon & Hopeton Lewis – Right Track
16 Roy Shirley – Be Good
17 Sir Lord Comic & The Upsetters – Django Shoots First
18 Soul Brothers – Sound One
19 Errol Dunkley – The Scorcher
20 Delroy Wilson – Run Run
21 Dub Specialist – Runnings
22 Freddie McKay – Drunken Soldier
23 Freddy McKay – Drunken Version
24 King Stitt – Be A Man
25 The Heptones – I Shall Be Released
26 The Upsetters – Dreamland

June 21, 2014 05:25 PM PDT
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The Dub Room in full effect steppin’ out of babylon.
Jah Sweets the Dub Organizzzzzerrrrrrr rrrrr rrrrr rrrrr rrrrr
Strictly rockers, oldies but goodies– ya no seen!

1 Mutabaruka – De System
2 Big Youth – Screaming Target
3 Dillinger – Ragnampiza
4 Johnny Clark – Rockers Time Now
5 Leroy Smart – Jah Is My Light
6 John Holt – Up Park Camp
7 U-Roy – Silver Bird
8 Impact All-Stars – Zion Dub
9 Yabby U – Deliver Me From My Enemies
10 Lee “Scratch” Perry & The Upsetters – Big Neck Police
11 Wayne Wade – Poor & Humble
12 Earl Zero – Please Officer
13 Linval Thompson – Dreader Than Dread
14 Big Youth – Lightning Flash (Weak Heart Drop)
15 Freddie McGregor – Chant It Down
16 African Brothers – Hold Tight
17 Mighty Diamonds – Jah Will Work It Out

Roots & Culture Pon De Turntable

Princely Visions Of Dennis Brown
April 27, 2014 08:39 PM PDT
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Dennis Brown Showcase 1974-1985

The Dub Room spins The ‘Crown Prince’ Of Reggae. From his early roots period to dancehall hits, most tracks are taken from his golden era 1975-79. A number of classics produced by Niney The Observer and Joe Gibbs along with his own productions with his DEB music label. Blending conscious themes and love songs, Dennis would have a great career that span from age 12 till his untimely death at 42. With his incredible voice that was soulful and deep, Dennis will always be an inspiration.

Fire From The Observer Station
Promised Land
To The Foundation
A Cup Of Tea
Wolf And Leopards
Run Too Tuff
Declaration Of Rights
Dem Fight I
Weep And Moan
Milk And Honey
(Brother) Stop The Fussing And Fighting
Want To Be No General
Rocking Time
Your Love Got A Hold On Me
No More Will I Roam
Revelation Fulfill

roots & culture pon de turntable
well dread

DJ’s Delight
February 01, 2014 12:54 PM PST
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DJs Mash Up The Dance – Jah Jah Sweet Tooth rolls a fat spliff of toasters inna dancehall corner. Fire Bun!

1 Charlie Chaplan – Face To Face
2 Lone Ranger – Skank Steady
3 Ranking Trevor – Pass The Chalice
4 Clint Eastwood – Tops Tone Hi-Fi Style
5 Mikey Dread – The King In The Ring
6 Ranking Joe – Natty The Collie Smoker
7 Big Joe – Smoke Marijuana
8 Ranking Dread – Marijuana In My Soul
9 Dillinger – Freshly
10 Big Youth – The Killer
11 King Stitt – Skank Corner
12 Prince Jazzbo – Pepper Rock
13 U-Roy – Heavy Duty
14 Trinity – Kingston Two Rock
15 Papa Michigan & General Smiley – Diseases
16 Philip Levy – In A Me Yard
17 Tappa Zukie – Jah Is I Guiding Star
18 Errol Scorcher – Dance All Style
19 Lone Ranger – Collie Dub
20 Yellowman – Mad Over Me
21 Josey Wales – It A Fi Burn
22 The Mighty Diamonds – Kouchie

Roots & Culture Pon De Turntable

Black Ark Studio Skank
December 12, 2013 10:06 PM PST
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Lee “Scratch” Perry Showcase

The Dub Room presents productions from The Upsetter – artist, producer, writer, innovator, the creative genius of Lee “Scratch” Perry. After years in the music business working with various producers ranging from Clement “Coxsone” Dodd, Prince Buster to Joe Gibbs, he started producing for himself on his Upsetter label. Lee was at the scene from ska, rocksteady to reggae. By 1967 he opened his Upsetter Record shop after success with singles with various artists he was working with including his sides with his band The Upsetters. He was creating a unique sound that Bob Marley sought him out and from that collaboration The Wailers had created their strongest work to date. By 1973 tired of using studios of others to record, Lee build the Black Ark behind his premises at a suburb of Kingston. By 1974 to 1979 this studio was birth of some of the most innovative and dread music to come out of JA. What is remarkable is just with a simple Teac 4-track recorder, a Soundcraft mixing board along with an Echoplex delay unit and other equipment he made created the sounds that other more sophisticated studios could not duplicate or match. No one knows how exactly the techniques he used to produce the magic of his distinctive sound that baffled his competition and continue to amaze generations of music producers. But by 79 fed up with parasites and hangers-on, Lee started to behave erratically and consuming more than the usual white rum & ganja let the studio decline in shape. After falling in decay and despite help to rebuild it in 1983 it was destroyed by fire. Stories say it was an electrical fire that started it to Lee torching it himself. He was detained for three days for suspected arson but was released without sufficient evidence. But either due to undesirable people or gangsters trying to blackmail him for protection or profits, Lee was to claim years later he burnt it to cleanse it of unclean spirits. He eventually relocated to Switzerland got married and started recording again. His latest outings being critically received such as the albums “Rise Again” & “Scratch Came Scratch Saw Scratch Conquered.” His productions during the Black Ark era such as rare singles and unreleased material are still being released and his influence still being felt. This mix includes some of the well known classics such as Max Romeo’s “War In A Babylon” & Junior Murvin’s “Police & Thieves” (who just past away this Dec. 2). Big up to The Upsetter – dis one massive. Seen!

1 Lee “Scratch” Perry – Super Ape
2 Augustus Pablo & Lee “Scratch” Perry – Black Ark Studio Skank
3 Prince Jazzbo & The Upsetters – Ital Corner
4 Brent Dowe – Down Here In Babylon
5 Junior Murvin – Police & Thieves
6 Max Romeo – War In A Babylon
7 The Upsetters – Revelation Dub
8 Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace – Herb Vendor
9 Jah Lion – Wisdom
10 The Congos – Congoman
11 The Silvertones – Rejoice Jah Jah Children (Give Praise)
12 Errol Walker – In These Times
13 The Meditations - Life Is Not Easy
14 Clive Hylton & The Upsetters – From Dub Four
15 Max Romeo – Norman
16 Lee “Scratch” Perry – Roast Fish & Cornbread

well dread
roots & culture pon de turntable

Collie Dub
November 15, 2013 10:47 AM PST
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The Dub Room presents a mix of original drum & bass music from the masters at the controls. Dub and versions to shake the foundations. Prepare to feel the vibrations through your feet to hit your chest and rock your head. Riddimwise & otherwise – dub music to heal the nations!

1 King Tubby – Ke-Ke-Dub
2 Mikey Dread – Jumping Master Dub
3 Skin, Flesh & Bones Meet The Revolutionaries – Argument
4 The Revolutionaries – AR-47 Auto
5 Joe Gibbs & The Professionals – Rema Dub
6 Ranking Barnabas & Manzie – Poor Man Skank
7 Soul Syndicate – Dub A Long
8 Bunny Lee & The Aggrovators – The Killer Dub
9 Augustus Pablo – Hot Dub
10 The Revolutionaries – Dub I Dub
11 Impact All-Stars – Oh Jah Dub
12 The Observers – Headline
13 Techniques All Stars – Don’t Mock Jah (Version)
14 Burning Spear w/ Augustus Pablo – Foggy Road Version
15 King Tubby – Ready Out Dub
16 Roots Radics – Changing Dub
17 Fatman Riddim Section – Wagon Of Dub
18 Scientist – Under Surveillance
19 Prince Jammy – 42nd Street Dub
20 Linval Thompson – Double Trouble Dub
21 The Aggrovators – Tradition Dub
22 Sip A Cup Meets Negus Roots – Positiveness With Dub
23 Professor – Collie Weed And Dub

Dread pon de turntable
Well dread

Fire Bun
September 28, 2013 03:31 PM PDT
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Chalice Hafi Bun!

Dis iyah roots mi idren – reasoning wid sound & power. Jah Jah Sweet Tooth rams dubtronics inna dancehall intervention mix. Settle I-self rasta, time is short. The race is not for the swift, but for the smart.

1 Revolutionaries – Fire Bun
2 Yellowman – Soldier Take Over
3 Roots Radics – Black Rose (Version)
4 Mutabaruka – Everytime A Ear De Soun’
5 Aswad – African Children
6 Roots & The Wailers Band – Evil That You Do
7 Hugh Mundell – Jah Fire Will Be Burning
8 Johnny Clarke – Prophecy A-Fulfilled
9 Linval Thompson – Love For Peace
10 Junior Delgado – Every Natty
11 Dillinger – Bionic Dread
12 Jah Stitch – Set Up Yourself Dreadlocks
13 Big Youth – One Of These Fine Days
14 King Tubby – This Boss Of Dub
15 Yabby U – Free Africa
16 Dr. Alimantado – Just Because A Bit Of Bread
17 The Gladiators – The Race
18 Augustus Pablo – Stop Them Jah

well dread
roots & culture pon de turntable

prises de son et mixage: “Jah Sweets”